Settings menu

The controller has three types of timers for automatic load management: Daily Timer, Hourly Timer and Secondary Timer.

Daily Timer

The timer has 10 programs. You can program several timers for one control channel (Line).

In this window, you need to configure the following settings:

1. Timer - the program number of the timer.
2. Disable - The need to manage this program. If you select "Disable", the program will not run.
3. Line 01 - The number of the load channel for which the timer is programmed.
4. On 00:00 - On time. The hours and minutes are set separately.
5. Off 00:00 - Off time.

The start time must not be equal to the end time of the timer operation. Otherwise, the timer program will not be executed

Seconds timer.

This mode also has 10 programs and is configured similarly to the previous one. The program is run daily.

1. On 00:00 - On time.
2. Run 000 sec - The duration of work in seconds. Values between 1 and 256 seconds are available.

In the case when the duration of the timer is zero. This timer will not be executed.

If it is necessary to perform the timer for a longer time with an accuracy of a second. This timer can be combined with a daily timer. Setting the response time of the seconds timer to one minute earlier than the time to turn off the daily timer. Thus, it is possible to exclude "jingling" by the load channel at the moment of switching off one timer and switching on another. Since the second timer has the highest priority among all the others, the daily timer can not turn off the second one.

Hourly timer

This timer differs from the previous ones in that it will fire 24 times per day with the time interval specified in the settings:

1. On 00 - Turn on time.
2. Off 00 - Minute off.

Each timer has its execution priority. The highest priority for the Secondary Timer is the lowest priority for the Daily Timer.

Example: 08.00 turns on the daily timer, the turn-off time is 16.01, then at 16.00 a second timer with a duration of 120 seconds is turned on, the channel will turn off at 16.02