Settings menu

When the power is turned on, the microcontroller is initialized and the firmware is started for both the controller and the communication module. In this case, the communication module starts with a slight delay, in order for the synchronization of the settings to take place correctly. After that, the program enters the operating mode. The main program window is displayed on the main screen:

1. Date and time.
2. Two temperature sensors.
3. Status of controller channels and current settings.
4. Status of the communication module and current remote operations.

When the controller starts and successfully connects, all settings that are stored in the non-volatile memory are initialized. After initialization, the possibility to switch channels on or off, depending on the current time and temperature, is checked. In the event that the controller is connected to the Internet, the time will synchronize with the NTP server at the initial start-up. At the moment, the synchronization is carried out on the GMT + 3 time zone. If this function does not work for your country, you can turn it off in the device settings.

Main menu of the device:

1. Manual channel management
2. Programming Timers
3. Thermostat programming
4. Other controller settings

Timer programming menu:

1. Programming of daily timers.
2. Programming of second timers.
3. Programming hourly timer.

Device Settings Menu:

1. Manually adjust the date and time.
2. Activation of temperature sensors.
3. Service settings of the device.
4. Configuring the communication module.