Device Description

  • Clock. Indication of date and time.
  • Control of aquarium loads from 4 to 8 channels.
  • Up to 10 daily timer programs.
  • Up to 10 hourly timer programs. With a range of up to 60 minutes.
  • Up to 10 second one-off timers. With a range of working hours from 1 to 999 seconds.
  • Support for up to 8 digital temperature sensors on a 3-wire bus.
  • PH electrode support for controlling the CO2 valve. The accuracy of the measurement is +/- 0.02.
  • Temperature measurement is within -25 ... + 85 degrees. The accuracy of the measurement is 0.5 ° C. Possibility of load control (heater / cooler) on any of the 8 output channels.
  • The battery for clock work of the microcontroller. Saving the clock.
  • Automatic saving of all settings in the non-volatile memory (except for the clock) when the power is completely disconnected and the battery is depleted.
  • Control the device through a 2-axis joystick.
  • Output of information on a 20 * 4 liquid crystal display with minimal cuts, intuitive interface.
  • Communication with the smartphone on the Android OS via Wi-Fi. Additional software for quick programming of timers, thermostat, time synchronization.
  • Remote control of the device via Wi-Fi in the local network (or the Internet with a specific configuration of network equipment).
  • Self-synchronization and adjustment of the date and time of the device if you have access to the device on the Internet. Or remote synchronization via smartphone.
  • The function of tracking the deviation of the sensor readings from the average set value with an audible warning and an indication of an alarm sensor.
  • Switching off the load (filter) at an arbitrary output by pressing one button for 5-30 minutes (temporary switching off the filter).